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GetnGo™ Cat Litter Mat (Advanced Edition)

GetnGo™ Cat Litter Mat (Advanced Edition)

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Keep Your Home Clean - Effortlessly

Experience the innovative dual-layer honeycomb design of our cat litter mat. It effectively captures litter from your cat's paws, preventing it from spreading around your home. Enjoy a cleaner space and less frequent cleanups, while also making an eco-friendly choice by reducing waste.

Minimize Cleaning, Maximize Coverage

Our cat litter mat is designed with a spacious honeycomb dual layer that completely covers your litter box area. It traps unwanted litter from your feline's paws, preventing it from reaching the floors. Lift the mat and the litter falls through, allowing for easy recycling back into the litter box. Say goodbye to scattered litter and hello to a spotless home.

Cut Down on Litter Expenses

Slash your litter expenses by up to 30%! Our innovative mat is designed to reclaim and repurpose the litter your cat carries out. Just shake the mat over the litter box to recover and reuse the clean litter — a smart way to reduce costs and waste.

Water-proof & easy to clean

Our mat comes with a waterproof, anti-slip underside to shield your elegant hardwood floors and cozy carpets from any accidental spills. Cleaning is a snap — just a quick rinse or a simple wipe-down is all it takes to keep it looking new.



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