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GetnGo™Jar Vacuum Sealer (Advanced Edition)

GetnGo™Jar Vacuum Sealer (Advanced Edition)

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Daily Airtight Seal, Fresh For Longer! 🌬️

No more dragging out bulky sealers for just one jar. With GetnGo™, seal any jar, anytime, as often as you wish! Pop Open, Serve Up, Seal Tight Again.


Get a long-lasting seal every time in just 30 seconds for most jars with it's strong & automatic vacuum system.

Keep in mind that our Vacuum Sealer will not sanitize your jar or food but will keep them airtight sealed for longer!


Small enough to fit in your drawer, GetnGo Vacuum Sealer™ allows you to vacuum seal your mason jars effortlessly with no cords or vacuum hose.


Fits Regular & Wide Mouth Jars 🍽️

Its all-in-one design allows you to vacuum seal any jar with regular mouth or wide mouth with no extra accessories.


Keep Your Food Sealed After Every Use 🥫

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