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GetnGo™ Magic Waist Shaper 2-1 (ADVANCED EDITION)

GetnGo™ Magic Waist Shaper 2-1 (ADVANCED EDITION)

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REDUCE YOUR WAISTLINE FASTER THAN EVER- Designed to compress body fat, to comfortable squeeze (adjust fit) and flattern all the irregularities from your body giving you a skinny, curvy, and sexy appearance.

MORE SWEAT = MORE FAT BURNING- Burn fat 3X faster. So besides looking like a fitness model, you will soon start feeling like one too!

SUPER COMFORTABLE AND STRETCHY TO FIT PERFECTLY IN ANY BODY TYPE- Crafted for functionality with 4 needles and 6 threads, making clothes 100% squat proof, Stretchy, solid, and extremely comfortable to enjoy any kind of exercise. 

BOOTY LIFTER TECHNOLOGY- Mastered with advanced butt lifter technology on the booty area giving you the lifted and round look of your dreams.

RECOMMENDED BY DOCTORS TO RELIEVE BACK PAIN AND ACHIEVE PERFECT POSTURE- Avoid painful injuries from deadlifts, squats and heavy weights. Improve confidence and look skinnier instantly!

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